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November 12, 2007

Freddie Carter talks about his Mega-Pickle…

Hi EJ,

After catching a bit of good natured flak, about the color of my new MEGA Rocker, (Lime Green) and some folks refering to it as the "BIG Pickle", One of them, a Graphic Artist, actually turned it into a "MEGA Pickle" Thought you might get a kick out of the Photo. I am absolutely enamored with the MEGA Rocker. It just took top honors away from my former "All time favorite Boat" (S-EZ) As you well know, the MEGA boofs like a dream, and recovers after drops like nothing I could ever imagine ! I commend your commitment to designing and manufacturing boats to fit all sizes of WW Paddlerz. The MEGA Rocker is almost too good to be true. It lives up to, and exceeds all I had heard about it. I love the stability, ease to roll, and it’s ability to float a BIG Paddler over foam piles like an Angel. Cross Currents ? What Cross Currents ? It has brought my confidence level up several notches, and I’m doing runs I feared to tread in my old H3. See Ya, The attached file has a Better Resolution Photo than above.

Freddie Carter


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