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By Jay Kincaid

It is blowing about 50 miles per hour here in beautiful Reno today. I checked my phone to see that Jason had called me this morning to go paddle, and I am afraid that I am going to have to let the little guy down. I took the dogs running this morning and honestly it was a horrible experience. The wind was blowing so hard that running into it made me feel like I was a 400 pound couch potato, (not that there is anything wrong with that) and it was so cold on my ears that I had the worst ice cream headache of my life for 45 minutes. So, that is why I am not calling Jason back to go paddling, He is a big boy now, so he’ll get over it!

Stephen and Dane have gone back out east, so things are lonely here now. I don’t think that in the month that Stephen was here that I actually paddled with him once. For the first two weeks I had a very painful ear issue, then he went to Skook while I stayed home and paddled every day, and then when he got back we just played frisbee golf. So, that is kind of a bummer. The truth is that any time I am in a kayak I am having fun, but right now the " fun meter" is a little lower then usually due to some low water drama. Everyday I have a lot of fun on the Jackson Kayak web site though, reading updates and looking at pictures of what the rest of the crew is up to. Very cool!

Lisa and I went and checked out the new Cabela’s that just opened here in Reno. For a life long outdoors man and "Hill Billy" like myself it was like I had died and gone to "Red Neck" heaven. It was one of the most unbelievable things that I had ever seen in my life. Everything that you could ever imagine for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or whatever was there on full display. I can’t imagine how awesome that it would have been if I actually had any money to spend. Heck, if I had a couple houndred bucks I would probably buy myself a single wide trailer, drag it down to the Cabela’s parking lot, put it up on blocks, and move in.

Other the that I have been bird hunting a couple of mornings a week. The Chukar hunting isn’t as good as it has been the last few years but it is defiantly still worth going, and the dogs love it just as much. I have also been playing some disk golf which is actually a lot of fun. Lisa and I went last night and she not only liked it but played really well. She will be better then me soon, so then I will have to quit and find a new hobby.

Lisa and I are heading up to Eugene on Wednesday and will be up there for a few days. I am hoping that I can get some good kayaking in while I am there, as there is always water in Eugene. So, I hope that everyone has a great Thanks Giving, and please enjoy any water that your local river may have.

Jay Kincaid