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Nat is wife to Donald Calder, bronze medalist in the 1995 World
Championships in Augsburg, Germany. They are owners of "Sunspots" our
distributor in New Zealand.

Hi Devon,

Hope you are well. All is well here. Anna is 2 months old today. How time
flies. She is doing real well. She is sleeping thru the nite half of the
time which is just brilliant. The shop changeover is at the end of the
month, and DC just can’t wait for it all to be over. I was in at the shop
today doing some computer work for him, so thought we’d take the time to get
Anna to test out the boats. She already has 4 kayaks, including a Fun One,
but she really liked the Shooting Star (ref photos). She did complain about
the viability of the footbags, but I think 2 feet of growth would fix any
issue!!! The dress she is wearing is a gift from my Grandmother. She
normally dresses a bit more boyish.

What are your plans for the winter?

Sorry for the short email….. motherhood calls,



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