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Samantha Brunner

Born: March 24, 1987
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Years paddling: 4+ years
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Boats of Choice: Star, Punk Rocker
Other than kayaking: photography, skydiving, snowboarding


EJ about Samantha:

I am sure that one day Sam and Boyd will be voted cutest paddling couple, and wonder why that hasn’t happened yet! Boyd has officially represented Jackson Kayak for the past three years, while his girlfriend, personal photographer, and always present companion Sam was developing her skills along side of him. Over the past few years you have seen many incredible photos of Boyd appear in the CKS catalog, the Snap Dragon ads, the Stolquist ads, etc., and they were all shot by Sam, who is a professional photographer in every sense of the word, and a photography student in Memphis at the same time. Well, Sam doesn’t just stay behind the camera. She puts the camera in her boat and runs just about everything Boyd does these days, that is when she isn’t skydiving out of planes with him!

Paddling a Pink Punk Rocker and a Pink Star, slight of build, mild mannered, and a true southern belle, Sam is a shining star that you’ll see more of over the years. Check out what she has to say about herself…

In my 4 years of kayaking I have developed a great passion for the sport- not just because its fun, but also for the physical and mental challenges it presents me with as well as the beautiful places I get to see and the great people that you find along the way. My main focus in kayaking is river running and creeking.

My goals for kayaking are to further the sport, especially in women and in youth, by encouraging them to have fun and eliminate fear.

When I am not kayaking I am probably in school at the University of Memphis getting a degree in Exercise Sport Science.

Jackson Kayak
H2O Paddles
Stohlquist Waterware
Native Eyewear
Gaia Paddlsports
Grateful Heads Helmets
Colorado Kayak Supply
Snap Dragon
Fortress Watches

2007 Career Highlights:
2007- 1st place Pro Women’s Waterfall Freestyle Comp. at North Alabama Whitewater Festival
2007- 2nd place Pro Women’s Boatercross Comp. at North Alabama Whitewater Festival
2007- CKS Squad
2007- Jackson Kayak Regional Team!!! 🙂