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By Jay Kincaid

I was just starting to believe that I live in the driest place on earth when all of a sudden here comes a storm. Unfortunately it is only a 1 day storm that should give us maybe 2 feet of snow in the mountains which really isn’t much at all for the Sierra Nevada’s. On a positive note, it is two more feet then we currently have, so that is good.

I spoke with my parents up in the land of water, Oregon, and it has been raining non stop for a week now. My favorite river in the world, Lake Creek, has been running high and I am a little upset about living in the desert right now. All I can do is keep hoping that we will get lots of snow and have an epic Spring.

Lisa’s Mom arrived last night to stay with us for a few months. I know what some of you are probably thinking; "Did he just say a few months?" Yes I did. It is actually really cool though. We get along great and have a lot of fun together. And yes, I still walk around the house in nothing but my man underwear, and its cool. That just how I role!

Anyways, other then that I have been paddling on the Truckee, lifting some weights, getting ripped, wrestling, hunting, you know, standard Jay stuff. I have also been doing a bit of work for the 2008 Reno River Festival, so that is keeping me busy as well.

I keep hoping that I can send you an update full of great pictures and stories of high water and double back loops, but that is not yet to be.

I hope that everyone had a great Thanks Giving and I will keep you update.

Jay Kincaid