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By Nick Troutman

It is Here & Now, with our much anticipated film by FIVEIGHTWO Films.

HERE & NOW‘ is a FIVEIGHTWO Films production, and is our first duplicated film. Well, ever since we started kayaking we have been making little videos, mostly showcasing our carnage and biggest moves; the only difference now is that we are showcasing each of our different styles, while doing our biggest moves and hardest lines, and of course some big hits. We have been working hard and playing hard for the past year to create this film, in the hopes of blowing your mind, getting a laugh, and showing you some sweet whitewater.

One day we woke up and decided to create our own film company, and FIVEIGHTWO Films was born. Where FIVEIGHTWO came from:

Joel Kowalski and Nick Troutman, the founders of FIVEIGHTWO Films. They are both local boys from the Ottawa River. Anyone who has spent some time of the Ottawa, knows that the locals take pride in being a local paddler. Anyone who lives in the local town of Beachburg shares the same prefix for their phone numbers: 582. So the 582 is just evidence of being a lucky Ottawa River Local! Get it: five eight two, all three words fit together (fiveightwo).

‘HERE & NOW’ is a kayak film, portraying the different paddling styles of different young ‘rippers’: Joel Kowalski, Rafael Ortiz, Dane Jackson, Evan Garcia, Jason Craig, and Nick Troutman.

The paddler profile sections are broken up by three major expedition:
Quebec: The land of High volume rivers – one of the worlds best whitewater destinations.
Newfoundland: The Easternmost land of North America, Newfoundland is teeming with Big Game and Wild Rivers.
Niagara Gorge: The Famous Niagara Gorge holds some of the largest continuous whitewater on Earth, and the most illegal.

This is a must see film, with some Huge Air, Sweet Drops, Great Lines, and Priceless Carnage.

Check out more on the trips and video at JK Films on

Keep an eye out for more about the film on, an get ready because it hits the shelves in March, less then two months away.

Nick Troutman