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By Jesse Coombs

Hello everyone. I was recently contacted by the Whitewater Warehouse, the Rogue River’s #1 outfitter. Now Joy could just have easily written to say that she knew me when I didn’t have a roll and she wanted me to stop posing as some big time kayaker. Not only was she my guardian kayaker on club trips every weekend; I bought my first farmer john from Joy. She is the customer service end of the business and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. When Joy was discussing with me what gear I would need as a newbie and talking about size we couldn’t decide if I would need a medium or a large. She decided and told me I wasn’t very burly and a medium would be best. Ouch! If facial expressions can tell a story, I’m sure my face was a novel about a deflated ego. After picking my ego up off the ground and dusting it off, I suggested I should try it on just to be sure. After sucking in as much air as possible and flexing my muscles she agreed I needed a large. Was she just placating me…? I still don’t know the answer to that question. So much to my surprise she wasn’t emailing me for teasing, she had just gotten the new Kokatat catalog (which totally rocks by the way and is one of the best looking catalogs I have ever seen) and saw the photo and description of me. She decided I would be a good subject for her blog and true to form, Joy was as nice and complimentary as ever. Click on the link to check out the blog.

And if you are ever interested in exploring the wild and scenic section of the Rogue River, no one does it even half as well as Whitewater Warehouse. If you like rafting, canoing, kayaking, fishing, first rate accommodations, gourmet food, camping or anything else river related and want to check out one of this country’s great rivers, then you need to spend some time with Whitewater Warehouse. And don’t let Joy take a knock at your ego, she is just keeping us honest and humble.

Happy paddling!