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By Colin Kemp

So, yesterday we got 25% of our annual precipitation in a few hours in the valley. Donner pass has 10 feet of snow, Mt. Rose has 4+ feet of snow and it is supposed to keep on going for another day or two. Most importantly We got to boat yesterday evening under the lights in the park at number three with 1000 CFS. There were only four of us brave enough to play boat in the storm of the century. One other brave boater came out in a Super Hero to do a few laps down the park. Newt and I hooked up with Jason and his dad with beautiful chocolate milk flowing down the Truckee river for the first time in a while! I did not think that I would see much of that water color once I moved out of the South East. It was good to see it again! We had a great time playing as the rain turned to snow and the wind picked up to over 40 mph with stronger gusts. On a side note I still can’t believe that Jason has grown out of his Shooting Star! Now it is time to make some turns on the mountain because the water is dropping like a rock.
Later ; Colin
Team JK