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What an incredible job by all of the organizers and sponsors of Rollapooloza in creating a fun, instructional, and social event for paddlers in the dead of winter! With a snowy forecast, some vendors didn’t show up, and the attendance, I was told was a little lower than last year, but since this was my first one, I couldn’t help but to be super impressed.
Three 45 minute long instructional sessions, with about 15 different classes going at each time slot created an incredible opportunity for paddlers of any skill level. Whether Nick Troutman was teaching a “how to flatwater loop” class, or Ruth teaching a rolling class, me teaching a Strokes and Concepts class, Dane teaching hand rolling and teaching kids to roll, Stephen teaching rolling, Leland teaching squirting, others teaching safety, etc., etc.. Wow, what a cool scene!
Raleigh Parks and Rec along with Great Outdoor Provisions should be thanked for this oasis of knowledge and fun for paddlers on a 20 degree day snowy day.
We brought our first two Heroes to the pool for their “world premier” and was blown away by the response. Everything from “Easiest rolling boat ever” to “wow, that is my next boat” to “I already have one on order” to, “Is that different from your original Hero?” , and it “looks a little bit like a topolino”. It was awesome being able to introduce this promising new kayak to the world at this venue. I already know that for river runners, this boat will be the boat of choice in 2008 and beyond. David Knight and I are quite proud of how the design turned out, and it should take a proud place along side of the new Fun, Star, and Rocker.