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By Nick Troutman

Well for Christmas I asked Santa for some rain. We didn’t get any on Christmas, but Santa still delivered even if it was a couple days late. We got 1/8 of an inch, not a lot, but enough to go creek boating anyways.

EJ, Dane and Myself headed to Chattanooga to hit up the Suck Creek. We were told that it was too low, but we were already loaded up and itching to go, so we put on anyway.

None of us had been on suck before, so we couldn’t tell that it was too low. We had a blast with plenty of water. We ended up having to scout every rapid being we didn’t know what anything looked like.

It was a long day for only a mile long run, but it was amazing. We were all glad to have the chance to get back into some creek boats.

It was a great way to end 2007!

Nick Troutman