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By Jessie Stone

I have discovered what I think is a relatively new phenomenon. It is not limited to country or region of the world, time zone, or remoteness of location. In fact, I have a suspicion that it may be a universal phenomenon, the only limiting factor being whether there is Internet access or not. It can happen to anyone you know so be alert as there are things you can do to help the problem. Signs and symptoms include checking the JK website 15-20 times a day or more, usually first thing in the morning before coffee, multiple times during the day, and right before going to sleep at night. Talking incessantly about the latest postings, quoting lines from web stories, and endless hours analyzing the current and new boats. There may be a nervousness accompanied by being far from computer access. In addition, you may hear sleep talking about kayaking and JK boats, and occasionally the afflicted may confess to having dreams about JK team members. Do you know anyone like this? This is the Jackson Kayak Website Junkie. So far, the only known help for this addiction is paddling a Jackson Kayak. Prolonged immersion therapy is best, but I suggest doing whatever you can since some paddling is better than none. If you know anyone who has this problem, please get them help ASAP. Luckily this is curable. Good luck!