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By Nick Troutman

Well, it is off! We sent the Master Copy of ‘HERE & NOW’ to the duplicators on Monday.

Check out the DVD cover and latest Teaser Film for the must see HERE & NOW!

You can Pre-Order you Copy of ‘HERE & NOW’ for $29.95, starting Wednesday Feb, 13. at Midnight, Central Time.

Now the exciting part is:

– The FIRST person to order ‘HERE & NOW’ gets a free 2 hour kayaking clinic with myself, Nick Troutman (date and time to be determined).
– The next NINE people to order ‘HERE & NOW’ get a free 2003 Original ‘EJ’s Playboating Basic’s’ or ‘EJ’s Playboating Advanced’. The winner will be contacted so they can pick out which of EJ’s films they want, or to contact myself about a time and place for their free clinic.

Now the competition doesn’t start until the stroke of Midnight tomorrow, Wednesday Feb. 13.

Order your Copy soon, because the First shipment of videos will ship out March 5, and one of those could be yours!

Nick Troutman