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By Ben Stookesberry

Hey Ej,
Here is the first tour poster for this years 3 edition of Hotel Charley: The Lost World. As you know we have already completed to Amazing expeditions first to Newfoundland, Canada and Arunachal Pradesh, India which are featured in some of the amazing photography in the poster. Darin McQuoid contributed two NF shots of Dane and Nick with Nicks big mid-air life saving helix taking center stage.

The other shot is from the mighty Tsang-Po river taken by Scott Ligare. This is a river that I hope the hole team gets to see some day. However both the Indians and the Chinese have there energy thristy eyes on this river as it represents one of the largest undammed waterways in the world.

I am writting you now from Tauguatinga, Tocantins, Brasil where Pedro has brought us to a 43 meter falls that he thinks is runnable. You’ll have to do the foot conversions on that one as it sounds a bit more manageble in meters.



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Click to view larger image