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Emily, Dane, Nick, and I are on our way to Costa Rica today! Ruth Gordon got their two days ago, and Jud Kiser got their yesterday! Joel Kowalski is coming in from Canada, while Jessie Stone, and Clay Wright, and maybe Pikey will be coming in next week!
This trip is a combination of things. First off, Emily and Dane have never been to Costa Rica. I went every year for about 8 years for slalom back in the 90’s and have told them all about it since they were babies. Now they are 14 and 17 and after 4 years of asking, “Dad, when are you going to take us to Costa Rica to run those rivers you told us all about?” we have finally decided to go. We are going to film, “EJ’s Strokes and Concepts” DVD to replace the one Chris and I did back about 7 years ago. This new DVD will star the Hero and Side Kick!
We will also be training for the upcoming season. We’ll be looking for small holes, big holes, small waves, and medium waves (large waves don’t exist on the rivers, there, but the medium ones are great!) Mario Vargas, my friend of 17 years, and on Team JK, will be not only joining us, but he will be driving many shuttles with his cool van! Rafa Gallo, the owner of Rios Tropicalas, will be our host for lodging, and food! John Shepherd, Joe Pulliam, and Steve Scarborough all asked me to say hi to Rafa! (they all know him from the 80’s- before I got there!) Rafa- in case I forget- Hi from them!
I don’t know the internet situation there, so it may be a dry spell for updates from me, we’ll see!
Purda Vida!