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By Jessie Stone

Ok, it’s true I have a new hero, and it’s not human. However, it has become my true new hero. I arrived back from Uganda on Monday night and waiting for me was the gorgeous new red boat. Luckily, the weather cooperated perfectly, and it rained like mad and the temperature went up to 50F so I got to test it out right away. After paddling my Star exclusively for the last 10 weeks, I thought I would have a little adjustment getting into this boat, but it was so easy to paddle. It is incredibly comfortable, maneuverable, and fast. It holds a line really well, is super stable and easy to roll. In addition, the Hero is light (to carry and to paddle), glides across the surface with no drag, and stays up at the surface well. I even had a great time surfing it and plugging the bow for some much larger than expected air! Don’t walk or jog, run to try one of these boats as soon as you. You are going to love it! Soon you’ll have a new Hero too.