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By Jesse Coombs

Funny, somehow I’ve been given a title I didn’t earn in the headline. I told The Daily News that the owner of the waterfall photograph, Eric Jackson, is the World Champion. And somehow they gave that title to me. I guess their signals got crossed and they were looking for an eye catching title. Sorry EJ! I am very appreciative of the articles Ms Fischer wrote about my and the hard work I have done in Kelso.

Here is the link to the article.

I got a great email from a teacher in the area who knows the Jackson family and Devon Barker. I thought you might enjoy reading it.
"Hi Jesse–
I really enjoyed the articles written about you and your projects in
Sunday’s Daily News. It’s nice to see someone taking a stand for
social change on the local level. I am a teacher at Kelso High
School, and my senior English class briefly discussed your projects
in class yesterday. My students were very interested in the idea
that one person has the potential to make a difference in a
community. After school I checked the websites you listed in the
article, and I saw that you are starting your foundation by making
some educational contacts. Any chance you would be interested in
speaking with my students about social issues?

Also– as a side note, I was excited to see that you are with the JK
team. My family has been guiding out of Grangeville, ID for 25+
years, and the family is good friends with Devon Barker. Nice to
know you’re on the same team. Turns out we’ve been cheering for you
for a long time, just didn’t realize it.

If you think you might be able to squeeze us in around your travel
and business schedules, we’d love to have you come to visit. I’ll be
looking forward to hearing back from you."