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By Ben Guska

I’m am officially on spring break! Super stoked none the less. Hockey just finished up and I can finally find some time to heal. This year was probably the first year that I had multiple injuries, but luckily nothing long term! I first split my elbow open on Christmas Eve, which needed some stitches. Had a contusion to my left quadriceps, which put me on crutches for two weeks. Bruised tail bone, and took a stick to my ear which split the cartilage and left a slight canyon on the back side. Other than that I’m solid as a rock. (still can’t sleep on that ear though)

I am in boulder right now visiting a Medical College, and seeing some friends. I had a fun game of Frisbee golf with some of the YGP crew, and celebrated one of my best friends Nic V’s 20th Birthday. Boulder is a crazy town… just a side note. I will be heading to Breckenridge later today to finally hit the slopes. This is the first time this year I can go boarding and I am super excited! Hopefully I can get some pics of my nasty skills on the slopes while I’m up there!

I have a super busy rest of the week. Our Company Huck Ze Gnar (HZG) will be launching a small line early this spring, and I will be meeting with all the partners hopefully this week, as well as setting up manufacturing, designs etc! Be sure to check out soon as the website is getting revamped!

That’s it for now! Pray for more snow, as it will turn to water here really shortly! I will be sticking around Colorado most the spring, and then heading up to Canada to Teach the Keener program on the Ottawa River! Also get to play hockey up there which is sweet! Haha

Signing out
Ben Guska

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