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Our customer service manager, Carman Ratliff, who does a great job for us, is pregnant and will need to go to part time at some point. We are also growing in our number of customer and dealer calls and Carman gets over-run with calls on a good day during the season! I would like to get in some resumes for people looking for a full time or part time job at the factory.
Some pre-requisites.
1. You like to talk to paddlers and dealers and willing to work hard to assure that they are happy with Jackson Kayak.
2. You are smart, you can solve problems under a basic Jackson Kayak philosophy and not have to consult about each problem you are faced with. You also know when it is time to get advice and to consult with someone. You are smart that way.
3. You like to work hard… no, actually really, really hard.
4. You don’t hunt and peck the keyboard- you can type, and quickly. Responding to emails quickly comes down to typing speed.
5. You can work in Excel. You don’t have to be a master, but you don’t need someone to train you to read, or create basic sheets.
6. You like to talk to paddlers and dealers, and want to make them happy with Jackson Kayak. This is double important, so I mentioned it twice.
Pay: $20-$28,000/year starting salary.
Send your resume by email to me at .
To learn more about the super person you’ll work along-side of most of the time click here: