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By Clay Wright

Took a little trip down I-40 to the Ozarks … and what a wet trip it was!

I was in charge of the Play clinic for Dynamic Earth at an Ozark Mountain Paddlers gathering on the Mulberry River. We worked double pumps, stern squirts, plowing enders, and also lots and lots of carving / edging drills. I had a great group of people to paddle with who didn’t give up drill after drill, roll after roll. I did a whole lot of rolling and got one heck of an Ab workout, so I bet I’m not the only one who had a tough drive home.

Boyd Ruppelt took the River Running group and looked like he had them practicing contact with every rock, tree, and undercut on the river. Samantha Brunner went along in her shiny new Side-kick on Sunday after spending Saturday at the Ouachita Outdoors Demo just an hour away.

Saturday night was a feast of rotini pasta and red wine with a little whiskey around the campfire just to ward off the cool, damp night’s chill. Then around midnight the roof fell in – huge deluge of rain plus lots of lightening that lit up the inside of tent and truck alike. Thankfully, no trees were struck in campground – or the next day where the thunder and lightening continued during out clinics. On the plus side, the Mulberry came up to 3′ – a much better level for our clinic especially at the last rapid where the best surf was. I bet it’s a perfect play level now . . .

Thanks for all who attended and braved the stormy weather without so much as a grumble. And hope those abs feel better soon 🙂


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