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Ben Stookesberry, Jesse Coombs hook up with Pedro, David, Chris
Zwacky and others in Brazil and find the goods, apparently! I got this
note from Ben today…

We will be in Brazil until the 18th (3 more days), and
then we will start unleashing a small avalanche of
images. I know there are more than a few folks that
want to get a sneek peek at the run down the high
volume 107 foot falls and the other crazy Brazilian
canyons that we first D´ed this year.

Super Hero Review: Want to feel like a Super Hero?

In terms of ability, the Super Hero is the evolution
of river runners that I have been waiting for. The
performance hull makes it handle like a dream in the
funky cross currents while the release (peaked) decks
provides incredible stability when resurfacing off a

In terms of my specialty (international expedition
boating), the Super Hero is the true compact do it all
machine: run big water with the ease of a fun, or
creek it up and go big with the safety, comfort, and
boofability of a Rocker. In other words, you are
really getting the best of both worlds with the Super
Hero. In addition to the on water ability and comfort
of the Super Hero, the compact design makes this boat
the perfect grab and go boat for tossing in the back
of the subi, truck, bus, or mule as the case may be.

If there is anyone out there that wants to do get out
and enjoy this springs epic runoff without having to
worry about dragging 2 boats along, the Super Heroe is
the choice.

I can´t say enough about this boat and if I had any
doubts before, a day in the Super Hero was enough to
make me a believer!


Ben Stookesberry