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We got these emails yesterday…
" Nick,Joel,and crew
First let me say that you guys did a incredible,absolute outstanding job on this video.
Wow, the footage, pics, music, content (ie. not a bunch of filler material) athletes ect. all amazing!!
Last but not least, i pre ordered your video and you guys not only exceeded my expectations, but also delivered right on schedule, nice job!!!
In closing let me just say it is refreshing to see such quality and hard work, and on time(i have a feeling maybe you guys might have tapped into some of ej’s business ethics)
maybe corporate america could stand up and take notice!!!!
kudos to all involved!!
Doug "
" Guys,
I got my copy of the Here and Now video yesterday and WOW what a video. My son Tristan and I watched it 3 times last night. What a great video to get pumped on for the 2008 season. We can’t wait to see the new Stokes and Concepts video.
Scott Blase "

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