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Hi EJ, Kristine, Carman and JK family,

I just returned from Chile where I spent five days with Isaac and the New
River Academy gang, also known as Huge Experiences. The photos are from the
Rio Fuy where Isaac and group ran some classic waterfalls, including a 30
footer. His Jackson Star performed great in all the drops proving its

We spent 4 days in Pucon, the kayaking resort town that conjures images of
Aspen, CO 40 years ago. At one of the local playholes I threw the biggest
loop of my life in an Allstar borrowed from Hawaiin student, Tyson. An
expression of amazement and "what do I do now" look on my face quickly
revealed to the students that looping is not an everyday occurrence for me.
An immediate window shade and flush out left no shadow of doubt regarding my
freestyle abilities (or lack there of). Isaac, on the other hand, has made
leaps and bounds of progress with his playboating skills. My hopes of being
the first Holden to McNasty are completely extinguished.

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all my best,
Horace Holden

Photos are from Rio Fuy near Choshuenco, Chile.
Please credit Matthew West for all photos.

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Photos: Matthew West