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Imagine going sky diving for the first time, or flying, or hang
gliding, and jumping out on your own! No way! Too scary and too hard.
Kayaking doesn’t have to be always solo either! Finally a new age kayak
designed for two paddlers!

David and I have wanted to design this boat for a long time, but we needed
just the right platform for it. The new Hero is just that! Now, what do
two Heroes working together make…? A Dynamic Duo!

Our plans to make this design are still in the works, so we are putting this
out to you before we pull the trigger on it.

Bring your friend, girlfriend, boy friend, husband, or wife, bring your
kid! Awesome! Even my wife, Kristine, who you have never seen in a kayak
before, is excited to go with me. Sweet!

What do you think? Email me your thoughts. Want one, let me know, maybe
we’ll do pre-order discounts or something cool like that.

Think I am an idiot for making something like this? Email me! I would hate
to waste our money on something nobody would buy, since most of my paddling
would still be solo.


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