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By Jesse Coombs

Hi Everyone,

This past summer Ben and I spent three weeks with writer Thayer Walker. He was writing a story for Men’s Fitness on taking a Crash Course toward becoming a class 5 kayaker. We had an awesome trip and paddled the Deschutes, North Fork Feather, Cherry Creek of the Tuolumne, North Fork Payette, and Mesa Falls. It was an unbelievable trip with amazing results and a close call. I am truly impressed with Thayer’s writing style and ability to capture the spirit of the trip, rivers and people in so few words. Of course Thayer focuses on the ups and downs of good and not so good runs he had, but I think out of humility he didn’t give himself enough credit for the tremendous improvement he made and the fact that he is as mentally tough as anyone out there. Run out and buy a copy as this is a great article in a great magazine. I was on the trip, yet when I read the article I was hanging on his every word.

Here is a link to the story as well.