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It’s my birthday
“How old am I today?” They ask.
If I didn’t know how old I was,
How old would I be? I wonder?
I play like the kids, but they are my kids.
How do I measure my years? I can tell stories of kayaking in Costa Rica before many others were even paddling or born, that gives me years. I can still paddle all day, and be the last one on the water, that takes years away. I must be in my 30’s at least to have a 17 year old daughter turning 18 in a week. Grey hair on my chin gives me a few more years than that, so perhaps 40. I feel like I still need somebody watching over me to keep me from forgetting things, and to take care of myself, so I must not be totally grown up. Will I ever be? I don’t think so. Here’s Emily to remind me that I am turning 44 today. I guess that is how old I am. I think I like my way better. Just figure it out on your own and be that age. Of course if I could figure out how I had kids I would be in my early 20’s sometimes, and about 16 the rest of the time, and in my 40’s only when I needed to be the leader.
Today, for my birthday, I am paddling down the Reventazon River with Mario, Jessie, Emily, Dane, Nick, Ruth, and Jud. 24 miles of memories, on 3/3/08.