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$5,000 Clay Wright Ambassador Scholarship
“And That Has Made All the Difference.”

“How do you teach a person to be an ambassador?” Clay Wright asked as he and New River Academy director David Hughes brainstormed ideas for an ambassador scholarship. The concept of encouraging ambassador qualities followed closely what Huge Experiences’ New River Academy strives to instill within its students. During the interview it was apparent that just creating a template of checkpoints simply did not feel right.

“I can name a lot of great ambassadors to the sport of kayaking. That is one thing but how do you create an ambassador? You can’t shop for charisma, you can’t teach that. What would you want for that person to be an ambassador? What would you tell your student leaders to place them along that road?”-Clay Wright

The New River Academy is proud to announce the “$5,000 Clay Wright Ambassador Scholarship.” The goals of this scholarship opportunity are to inspire positive leadership and representation skills to high school students in order to best prepare student-leaders for future careers.

The ambassador scholarship provides an avenue to make these goals a reality for a lucky student. Clay has been an ambassador of the kayak industry for over twenty years via first descents, volunteering at international events, developing integrity within youth kayak programs, sitting on advisory boards of non-profits, promoting whitewater safety protocol, and positively representing kayak industry companies.

“The Clay Wright Ambassador Scholarship follows the New River Academy’s goals of producing leaders of integrity. Clay’s influence and articulated experiences will have a strong impact on our solid yet developing leadership program. And one lucky student will earn a remarkable opportunity through Clay’s knowledge and the school’s cultural experiences and academic structure.” –David Hughes, Director New River Academy
Applicant must be thirteen to eighteen years old.
Students will enter a one-page resume of their “ambassador” related experiences.
Entries must include two references from the whitewater community.
All entries become the property of the New River Academy.
A panel of faculty from New River Academy will judge entries.
Students must provide proof of a 3.0 grade point average.
The $5,000 scholarship is applicable solely for full year students.
All entries must include a cover letter that lists: your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, current grade level, and your high school name and address.
All entries must be submitted via email, as an attachment in Word document or Acrobat PDF format, to
Entries must be received by June 12, 2008.
$5,000 academic scholarship to the author of the best resume representing an “ambassador”.
The Winner and all other applicants will be notified via e-mail and/or by mail.
For more information surf to or contact David Hughes at (304) 574-0403.