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By Dane

What I think of the 2008 hero series is that they are incredibly stable, they are lightweight, durable, dry, easy to maneuver, and are the pretty much perfect river running creekboat. I have had the chance to paddle the sidekick on almost every type of river. I have had it on class 2-3 rivers, narrow creeks, boulder gardens, medium water, and it has been the best for it all. The things that I have noticed is that it boofs good, it is super easy to roll, and it is nice and short so it is easy to do quick turns. One thing I noticed recently was that when you miss your boof or your bow drops over a pour over, the boat doesn’t just try to back ender, it resurfaces flat at the top of the hole. I think that is a big advantage when you miss your boof in a bad hole, or drop. Another thing on the creeking side is that it has a really nice landing of a waterfall. I got to take it on the falls at rock island a bunch and it felt great. Another thing is that when you land around 45 degrees it really carries a lot of speed away from the drop, even if you land pretty flat. That is another great thing about the boat. I think that is all I have to say about the hero series. Just Remember: Pick your river, pick your challenge, the hero has your back.