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By Nick Troutman

Well as you know I was just in Costa Rica for the past three weeks, with the Jackson Fam, and several of the JK team. Here is my Top Ten favorites of my trip to Costa Rica.

10: Making the New Strokes & Concepts Video
9: The Omelette con Pinto and Zamboombia’s for breakfast (Omelette with rice & beans and a fruit smoothie)
8: The Natural water slides & cliff jumps
7: Making our own play feature Hole with a Track Hoe
6: EJ’s Awesome Birthday Cake
5: The Jungle Zip-lines
4: The Amazing Whitewater
3: The Beach (sweet waves and big air)
2: Our guide Mario
1: The friends we made

Well there is my Top Ten, Keep in touch for our next adventure at the North Alabama Whitewater Festival.

Nick Troutman