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By Stephen Wright

The past month has been fantastic for paddling in and around Reno. I’ve been fortunate enough to run some great creeks and rivers, and be able to train freestyle in the Reno Whitewater Park with Jason Craig and Ruth Gordon. I’ve enjoyed coming to the realization that so many of our tricks involve long-axis rotation as well as loops and wheels these days. McNasty’s rotate 180 degrees in a 1/2 pirouette before ending in a loop, while the phonix monkey does more than a 3/4 pirouette before looping. The Tricky Wu involves 180 degree rotations on both the bow AND the stern in the same trick! All of this equals more fun, more challenge, and more potential. This is a great place to be, and I’m excited for the water to keep rising as the play only gets better 🙂 Enjoy the video, which shows most of the tricks we’ve been working-on here–shot on Thursday morning.

Once levels come up a bit more, I’m psyched to start working some new combos.

Live from Reno, NV
Stephen Wright