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So, here are the winners of the HERE & NOW pre-order first competition.

I’m sorry that I took so long to put up the results.

This is in order of first though tenth.

1. Scott Blaze
2. Andrew Kuhlberg
3. Kim Abney
4. Andrew Krammen
5. Jonathan Shales
6. Alex Brantley
7. Doug Honeyford
8. Daniel Paquette
9. Michael Sastre
10. Jeffrey Fluet

Congratulations to you all for being so Keen to watch our video. Please email myself ( or Customer Services ( to claim your prize, either of the 2003 EJ’s Playboating basics or advanced videos. As for Scott, we will have to work out a time for your clinic. Also feel free to send me a email as a review of the film, I hope yo all like HERE & NOW!