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By Nick Troutman

Well, we have been in Chambly Quebec for the last week and a half, training our little buns off. We have paddled, while it was cold, warm, sunny, cloudy, and snowing. The weather can’t keep us off the water. I have been training hard with Billy and Carly Harris, Annie and Zac Bowles, Joel and Katie Kowalski, and Emily Jackson. Everyone as been paddling really well. I think everyone has stepped it up this time. Billy, Zac and Joel have been hucking huge, and throwing fast, while the ladies have all been trying harder moves, such as Donkey Flips, Helixes, Flip-turns, Cleans etc.

I have mainly been working on trying to get 200 points on every ride. This week I have been roughly 2-3 for getting 200 points. Here is a little video clip of one of my good rides. As well as a video for anyone who would like to know my Team Trials Routine. Now it is out in the open, you will all know what I’m bringing to the tables on Saturday. Hope to see you there.