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Hi E.J.
Last Sunday was the Level 6 Rodeo at the wall on the Ottawa River.

Our club had an excellent turnout and we brought several new competitors to the open categories including Cheryl McGregor and Tilly Martin.

Tilly Placed second in the Junior Women’s, Cheryl placed 4th in the Women’s, I placed second in the Masters and here come my personal moment of pride: Zachary (my 12 year old son) placed 1st in the Junior Men’s.

He was working on his moves on flat water at home the week before and so he came out with a bunch of clean spins,a roundhouse and a donkey flip (his first one ever!) to place first (last year he took second place).

There was a lot of happy sounds coming out of him and even more coming out of me, my wife and the club members.

He absolutely loves the Shooting star (he has traded his Fun 11/2 in with the club for the Shooting Star) and we will see how he does after 3 weeks at Keeners and then in the various local comps this summer and fall.

(CReW is hosting 2 WK Hometown Throwdowns in Valleyfield this season and he will have lots of opportunity to train and compete.)

By the way, Billy and Carly were awesome all weekend, giving tips and clinics to help everyone who needed help. With the help of Billy I am now able to do a Donkey Flip and will try to keep up with Zachary…

My 10 year old (Emily) is the next one to start watching. She is determined to give her brother a run for his money.

The photos of Zachary were taken by Colin Moneypenny.

Thanks for helping us to get young people and families paddling.

See you on the River,

Robert Zwanenburg

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