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For those of you who didn’t read the final few lines of my April Fools joke, I’ll put them here:
Meanwhile- I am open for business. This is serious stuff! If you want to ask me questions about my kayaking, etc.. it will have to wait. Want to talk about my golf handicap, I’m all ears!

April fools- I’ m trained up and ready to rock! Bring on the kayaking!!! That is what life is all about!
I keep getting emails congratulating me on my retirement. Thanks! When I do retire, please send me a month’s supply of “Depends” to Rock Island Nursing Home, Rock Island TN. Thanks! Between now and then- watch out for those April1 updates! It is a year before my next April Fools joke, I am sure it will have something to do with my new baby boy on the way! Since this is not April 1st anymore, you can trust my updates!