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By Jesse Coombs

Hey Everyone,

We just showed Hotel Charley 3: The Lost World in Bellingham, Seattle and Hood River. Man, life should always be this good! We are getting great audiences at every stop and people are loving the film. After every show we are hearing that this is the best kayaking film they have ever seen, and they LOVE the story lines in the film. Ben and I sat down before editing this film and made a concerted effort to pick the most compelling story lines. We then made sure to fully introduce, develop and pay off these big story lines. This film contains big drops, great settings and VERY dramatic story lines of the difficulties of exploratory kayaking.

In Bellingham we showed with Bellingham white water club and had another banner show there. The white water community in Bellingham is as strong as anywhere, and it is truly a beautiful place.

In Seattle we had to scramble a bit due to last minute challenges, and the Outdoor Adventure Center was all over it. They jumped on the opportunity to do the show and did a great job. Huge thanks also to Jim Marsh and Canoe and Kayak Magazine for being such a great sponsor and kicking in for the show. I can’t say loudly enough how much I enjoy working with Jim Marsh.

And the Hood River show was hosted by John and Kate from The Kayak Shed and shown at River City Grill. Shawn of River City Grill does a great job, and I am really looking forward to working with him for many years. We were lucky enough to have Marty Cronin show up, and anytime I get together with Marty it is always side splitting laughter. Marty said he really enjoyed the movie and thought it was our best on yet.

I look forward to seeing you at a premier in our town!