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By Devon Barker

We are having an endless winter here in Idaho. We have so much snow but the rivers have not started rising since it just keeps on snowing and the temperatures are cold at night. It has been 16 degrees in the mornings in McCall this week. I decided to see how low one could surf Rodeo Hole in our short boats.

To locate Rodeo Hole, AKA Jackass Flats, drive 6 miles north of Riggins and look for the long pullout with camping. My favorite flow is 12,000 to 13,000 on the Salmon River at WhiteBird gauge. The flow is at

Incase you would like to go skiing and surfing in the same day, our local ski area, Brundage Mountain Resort, is still open on the weekends! Check out

Keep an eye on the water levels as the winter has to end at some point! Enjoy the footage from an almost two low level at Rodeo Hole.