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For the past two weeks I have been on a new dealer tour. Dealer tours are such a cool part of this job. It’s so great to drive around the US/Can and meet the dealers face to face, learn their business, and understand what makes them special. Jackson is a small family run business and we don’t get out to our dealers as much as we would like… But for the past two days I have been in Louisiana looking for new dealers and so far we have two great shops to add to our family of dealers.

"The Backpacker" was started in 1974 as a shop that provided outdoor lifestyles and trips for those in Baton Rouge. Today, it’s a fantastic retail shop with all a paddler could ask for. They have a new location that just opened up in Lafayette, LA and they are growing fast. Great gear, great service and demo’s for people to be sure that they are choosing the right kayak. We are really excited to have the Backpacker as our partner in this region… Look for them to have stock in Day Trippers in the coming 2-3 weeks.

Here is what Michael (owner of the Backpacker) has to say about Jackson Kayak…

"Jackson Kayak is revolutionizing the paddle industry. It’s exciting to see a company that really goes out of their way to make the dealer relationship smooth and friendly. The Day Tripper recreational kayak line is genuinely something new and gives us a leg up on what the big box and other non-specialty stores may offer. We are excited about this new relationship!"

Michael Mathews
Owner of the Backpacker
Baton Rouge, LA