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Here the note I got from Mike…
I just want to say (and I know I won’t be the last to say), the new Super Hero is one of the most simply awesome boats I have ever paddled. It turns not on a dime, but on a pinhead with little or no effort, just bank it into the eddy line, and presto, you’re parked. It surfs like a playboat, throws ends like a playboat. It’s just amazing. Oh yeah, I forgot just how comfortable a boat should be until this one. It makes any of the older creek and river runner boats I’ve had look and feel like junk. I playboated in it for 3 hours solid and never once did I feel the need to get out and stretch or get my feet un-cramped. I wore my rescue boots, a full drysuit, and all the other gear I would normally take on a long trip or creeking. Never had an uncomfortable moment. No wonder Henry loves his Side Kick, and now we have matching black boats, how cool is that?
I really like the odd staggered chine and edge combination. That with the flat bottom really lends itself to an extremely stable and forgiving boat. I deliberately laid down the wrong edge of the boat and with minimal input from my hip-snap, the boat corrected itself. I have never seen a boat able to do that with that little input in pushy water.
Good job!!!!! And thanks!!!!!

Mike Hyde