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In putting the first Super Heroes together we had footplates for the Uni-Shock Bulkhead that were too big for a really tall person. One persons’ problem is another’s solution, as they say.

If you’re inseam is 34” or less, than these two Super Heroes are outfitted perfectly for you! With a bigger footplate, it has even better coverage on the inside of the boat.

If you have a 35” inseam or greater the bulkhead won’t go far enough into the bow of the boat for you. I am putting this article up to assure that these two Super Heroes (one is Red and a 1st quality, one is Green and a Demo) find a home with the right person. (If it were a hero, for example, it would be perfect for me and I would prefer it over a standard footplate).

If you fit this bill and want to get a Super Hero today, and don’t have an order in with another dealer, (that would be bad karma), then go to or call them at: 1.800.367.3521
See you on the river!