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April 21, 2008

By Jason Craig

What a beautiful morning. The trees are starting to bloom. The river has water, and all is well in Reno. Right now I am sitting in my 9th floor condominium gazing down upon the Whitewater Park and people going about their day. Soon the Truckee meadows will come out of its wintertime slumber and things will be in full "spring."

In a nutshell my days are, wake up, school, kayak, school. Luckily for me I have had some great boating partners, Stephen Wright and Ruth Gordon. These guys are some of the most awesome people to paddle with! Number 5 (Icebox) in the Truckee River Whitewater park is great for most hole tricks and gives great pop, but every now and then we hit the rock "really really" hard landing our tricks. I have been really enjoying paddling this playspot and it seams to become more fun the more I paddle it. Over the winter I have grown a bit and now paddle the Star. It took a little bit to get adjusted to but now I am truly in love! This boat is great for technical playboating, but man oh man this thing excels on waves and pushy holes. I have just finished freshman year with great grades! I got a 99% grade in my geometry class and all A’s in the rest of my classes. Things have been really crazy with school. Now that I am done with school I am going to focus on kayaking 100%! I am getting very serious about the upcoming season and am ready to fire it up big time!

Paddle hard,
Jason Craig

Photos from master photographer, and two-time Reno Hometown Throwdown champ Scott Sady.

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Happy Jason
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Looping at 300 cfs
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Spacin out
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Weelin downtown