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By Ben Guska

Yesterday was the most epic day for me. I had everything I love in life all in one day! I headed to the Glenwood Play Park but noticed south canyon wave was in. I jumped in for an hour there. Since there were only 3 of us at the wave, which is unheard of since there is usually a crowd, we were able to wear ourselves out in a "power hour" if you will. I had a few pan ams, some back stabs, and air-blunts, and a few clean blunts. It wasn’t the best level, but it was still great! I wanted to save energy for the new Glenwood Springs Play Park, to train for the Reno River Festival coming up. I ate some lunch and headed down to meet up with my good friend Matt Solomon.

I don’t think I have seen bigger loops in my life. Everyone was killing it! Solomon was hitting huge airwheels with the permagrin coming out of the hole! I went into the sweetspot of the hole and threw a huge air loop. I was reaching for the water once upside down and to my shock I could find it. I ended up dropping my paddle in one hand out of suprise. I landed flat in a front surf with one hand on my paddle. I was working on Phonix Monkeys, but they were very hard to set up. I tried one McNasty and it came around like a beauty! All in all I feel great about going to Reno after yesterday. I wanted to get some pictures but I was having so much fun that I completely forgot about it! Im glad I havent lost my trophy moves over the winter being in college.

I was super excited to see how popular the park is! There were plenty of people, on and off shore. I met some great new faces in Glenwood Springs as well! Once leaving the park I made it back to Grand Junction in time to go play hockey. I was already exhausted after a day of paddling, and got on the ice just completely dead! After hockey I went to my friends place to have dinner with him, and my dad! All in all, this was my epic day! Kayaking, hockey, friends, and family! Im still smiling as I write this!

Anyways, I have to go algebra now!(hopefully I wont lose my smile) Only three more weeks of school!

Hope all is well! I can’t wait to see more of the Team Here to have a Big Air Throwdown in the hole!

Oh and I got an "A" on my last Physiology test, uber stoked!

Ben Guska