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Buena Vista, Colorado, South Main- a kayakers housing development on the river at the new whitewater park there is a sweet deal! Kayakers, Jed Selby, his sister Katie Urban (married to Dustin Urban), Dustin, and Andre Spino Smith are all involved in the sales, development, and creation of an entire development and whitewater park! Today they produced the first ever BV Pro Rodeo at the top hole which is sweet!
The results were unexpected for those who know who usually is in the top three in the men’s class, but that made for a super exciting to watch event for me!
The initial cut was from 22 men to 5 and I was 10th! This is my lowest finish since Lyon two years ago. Also getting cut in the first round was Stephen Wright, Andrew Holcomb (all three Reno medalists) and Bryan Kirk, Clay Wright, etc. etc. So who made the top 5 for semi-finals?
Prelims results- all young ones.
Nick Troutman (19) 1st
Dustin Urban (23) 2nd
Dane Jackson (14) 3rd
Jason Craig (14) 4th
Jonathan Shales (17) 5th
Top three in prelims for women were:
Ruth Gordon 1st
Emily Jackson 2nd
Katie Selby 3rd
In the Semi-finals for men, cutting to three:
1st Dustin Urban
2nd Dane Jackson
3rd Nick Troutman
In the finals:
Katie went first and had a good airwheel and loop.
Ruth had a good air loop and some smaller moves.
Emily had a big ride with a McNasty, Phonix Monkey, Air Loop, and cartwheels.
On second rides, Emily got a sweet tricky woo beating her first score of 65 with a 67. Ruth and Katie were still at 24 and 18. Both were close to having big rides as they were going for big moves but just not scoring them as they were too low angle or sideways on the landings.
Emily got to do a victory lap on her third ride.
Finals for Women:
Emily Jackson: 67
Ruth Gordon: 24
Katie Selby: 18
Finals for Men (and boy)
Dustin Urban had a sick first ride looking like the Dustin we all know and love on the freestyle scene from the early part of this century! Dustin is paddling his Green All-Star, his first Jackson Kayak. he got a 122
Nick went next and flushed twice but stuck some sweet HUGE airloops and air wheels!
Dane went all out throwing one move after another like there was no tomorrow, but was throwing a bunch of non-scoring moves as he was rushing so fast he wasn’t getting them. He still ended up in 2nd after 1st rides.
After 2nd rides, Nick moved into 2nd and Dane into 3rd, but Dustin had another huge ride.
In the final ride, Nick had a great ride coming in at 118 only 4 points behind Dustin! Dane gave it his all again but flushed and missed some key moves to stay in 3rd.
Dustin got to do a victory ride and was trying to get some clean McNasties. Very cool.
Dustin’s dad and sister were watching, all of the way from Maine and got to see Dustin win, awesome!
prize money was handed out in good form with cash at the “Square” at South Main.
Anyone who buys a house this year at South Main will get a free Jackson Kayak of choice with it as a housewarming present!
Just tell Jed Selby that “EJ says so” and you are in!