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Ready for a ROCKING VIDEO? This next edition of “Action Jackson” will be worth the effort to get!
Nick Troutman is working hard on this latest greatest in the Jackson Kayak lineup of entertainment and education.
You’ll find:

  • Action Jackson- Staring team JK doing what we do best.
    • Incredible hardcore whitewater, waterfalls, and scenic shots.
    • Playboating like you have never seen it before
    • A glimpse of the lifestyle of the team on tour.
  • Jackson University- Get your honorary PHD of everything Jackson right here!
    • All about the boats
    • About the company
    • How to use the outfitting
    • And more!
  • Bonus Features
    • See videos by up and coming producers Dane Jackson, Jason Craig, and more!
    • The rest you’ll have to wait and see!

When will it be ready?
Look for a completed version ready for distribution by June 15th!