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By Ben Stookesberry

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to say thanks again for showing the video at
the festival this past weekend. I think everyone really
enjoyed it. I know I enjoy every video of yours that I
have seen.

Also, Jesse, thanks for the help with the raffle and thanks
for bringing the dry top for us. I appreciate it.

Finally, Jesse you asked me after the movie what it was
about it that I liked and I didnt articulate it very well.
After watching the rush’s source I thought about it some
more and here are some thoughts.

As much fun as kayak porn is, i feel that some movies
concentrate too much on making themselves look cool. or
try too hard to make them selves seem deep. I like the way
the stories are told in the hotel charlie/no big name
series. They arent told in a look at how cool we are sort
of way, it seems like the movies are as much for yourselves
for the memories as they are for others to watch/buy. Also,
I like the mix of story and boating, I think this one had
the right pace… not too much story and not all boating
and both at good lengths. I like the music choice…
little known bands with a nice sound to them, music that
supports the feel of the water being shown at the time.
Finally, something that became very obvious to me when I
watched the source (not to bash it though) but Rush had one
of the best pieces of footage I had ever seen (when it was
on LVM) where he was forced to hand paddle cherry bomb.
However, in order to make it fit with his music choice (or
maybe just so he looked more hard core) he edited the hell
out of it and i think he took most of what was impressive
in the first place out of the footage. I havent seen that
with you guys. You dont just show the guy dropping over
the drop upside down, you show what got him there in the
first place, i like that. Well anyways, hopefully this is
all better feedback that what I managed Saturday night.

So, thanks again. See you guys around. And if you guys
ever need another online spot to get trailers or updates
out, feel free to drop me a line and I would be happy to
post your clips on my site.