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By Jesse Coombs

Hi Everyone,

I received this feedback on our new ClearH2Ofilms project: Hotel Charley 3: The Lost World.

We really appreciate everyone’s positive response to the film and great feedback we are getting at all the tour stops. Pick up your copy now to see for yourself why we are getting the positive reviews.


Sacramento Premier feedback:

If you get a chance to see this dvd at one of the tour stops make a point of checking it out. If you don’t have a stop near you it is a worthy dvd to own.
Three of the expedition paddlers were at the Sacramento stop last night; Jesse Coombs, Ryan MacPherson and Pedro. What was different than most showings about this one was the professional quality of not only the video, but the presenters themselves. Jesse is an engaging and personable public speaker. He clues you into the story line development of the video and draws you into the adventure. Ryan was the principal cinematographer for the DVD and what made him unique in the world of expert boaters is his fluent knowledge of Portuguese. His interactions and translations during the presentation with Pedro, the Brazilian member of the team made you understand what it is like to boat in a foreign country. What became apparent in the pre movie discussion was the bond these guys had and have that is centered on boating. That theme carried through in the DVD.
Most showings, you get a celebrity boater that comes across as too cool or untouchable. Not with these guys. You get something that is rare in elite boaters these days; a humbleness. The crowd was mixed; young, old, boater, non boater and everyone took something away from the show.
I don’t know any of these guys, am not associated with them in any way but just thought that these guys should be recognized for what true boating ambassadors they are.
Check out the video, it is 80 some minutes and includes a lot of footage not shown at the premiers.

Salmon Festival feedback:

As much fun as kayak porn is, I feel that some movies concentrate too much on making themselves look cool. or try too hard to make them selves seem deep. I like the way the stories are told in the Hotel Charley/ No Big Names series. They aren’t told in a look at how cool we are sort of way, it seems like the movies are as much for yourselves for the memories as they are for others to watch/buy. Also, I like the mix of story and boating, I think this one had the right pace… not too much story and not all boating and both at good lengths. I like the music choice… little known bands with a nice sound to them, music that supports the feel of the water being shown at the time. Finally, something that became very obvious to me when I watched another video out now (not to bash it though) but the editor had one of the best pieces of raw footage I have ever seen. However, in order to make it fit with his music choice (or maybe just so he looked more hard core) he edited the hell out of it. I think he took most of what was impressive in the first place out of the footage. I haven’t seen that with you guys. You don’t just show the guy dropping over the drop upside down, you show what got him there in the first place. I like that. Well anyways, hopefully this is all better feedback that what I managed Saturday night.

Jeremiah who ordered the film online:

Wanted to drop you a line and let you know I received my much anticipated Hotel Charley 3 in the mail and had to watch it instantly. I was not disappointed. The intro with the "crash course" was great. I had read the online article in Men’s Fitness but seeing the ordeal seemed to be much more true to the experience. When Dane recounted his experience, when we saw Jesse’s fingers, when Pedro was determined to drop the perfect drop, I was on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to see what is said about Ben’s drop down Anaconda Falls. Did it count despite the swim? I will be watching this video many more times as I have the others. Thanks again for making it available through your site. I am moving to Asheville, NC soon and get super stoked when I watch these films. Thanks for the great work on filming, editing, promoting and getting it into the hands of us working stiffs. Keep up the good work and hope to see you on the river.

Valley Mill Boats satellite show:


You and Ben have outdone yourselves with your latest effort Hotel Charley3- The Lost World. It’s by far the greatest expedition kayaking video I’ve ever seen, and the folks at the DC premier echoed that sentiment Friday night. We had great turnout despite the fact that the weather moved the show inside, and a hot local play spot that rarely comes in was going off. Everyone who showed up had a fantastic time, with plenty of great food to be had( burgers and brats), cold beer, and one awesome video!

I had many people say that Lost World was the most dramatic kayaking video they’ve ever seen. Vicki, who is a mom, commented on Dane’s bad swim in Newfoundland saying " watching my son disappear for 40 seconds underwater would terrify me".

How’s your finger that you smashed by the way? That looked very painful!
We couldn’t believe the stuff you guys endured in Brazil- malaria, epic portages, three feet deep mud,huge spiders and 100ft plus waterfalls! Where do I sign up?

The effort you guys put into this one showed! Keep ’em coming.


Jim Buley

Manager, Valley Mill Boats

Germantown MD

Jesse Coombs