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By Jesse Coombs

Hey Everyone,

We are in the midst of a great tour with the largest audiences we have ever seen. Read below to check out our first 4 shows in Colorado.

Telluride, CO

Telluride provided another packed show and the most raffle items we have ever seen! Jagged Edge has hosted the tour for several years now. This year looked like it might be tough, but Cari made it happen. And it is a good thing she did! The show was sold out. Cari at Jagged Edge did a great job promoting the film and it sold out! Everyone really enjoyed the film and had a ton of great questions after the film. Then Jagged Edge did their raffle and it was such a good raffle that everyone who bought a ticket won something. I don’t mean everyone got a t-shirt or a hat. I mean they won something significant like a paddle, pfd, sandals, courier bag, stove, headlamp, you name it! If you are ever in Telluride when they are premiering you’ll want to make it a TOP PRIORITY to get in the show before it is sold out. If the raffle isn’t enough, Jagged Edge also provided free beer and popcorn to everyone who came to the show. What a great event for the shop and the community! For the evening the shop offered us a bed and shower which we were very happy to accept. The next morning we were happy to see precipitation, but were surprised to see it in the form of snow!

Gunnison, CO

This year’s show was hosted by the Greg Osgood of the Gunnison Paddle Club at Timber’s Cantina. Greg did a great job of getting the word out and getting our sponsors to support the event. Jackson Kayak agreed to donate a Rocker as a raffle prize! All the proceeds of the raffle support the Gunnison Paddle Club and River Festival Council. This show was a huge success as we ran the film through Timber’s tv and sound system and we projected the film on our 10 foot by 10 foot screen. The crowd loved it and they also loved the great raffle of gear and the boat. We have a lot of friends in this area and it is always great to see them as well. That night we stayed at Chris Larson’s house under the beautiful mountain range that surrounds Crested Butte.

Edwards, CO

Our Edwards show is always hosted by Alpine Quest Sports, and they always do a great job. This year they decided to take it to the next level and have the show across the street at E Town. E Town is the local hot spot bar and grill with a great owner.

On our way to the show I got a call from a local DJ named Weez. He was on the air with KZYR 97.7 and did and interview that he aired several times that day. Too cool! Click here to check out the interview:

Once we got there we ran the film through his sound system and tvs as well as projected it onto our big screen. He restaurant was packed at a time when it normally would be more quiet. The whole place was standing room only, and people who only came for dinner stayed the whole time for the film as well. Everyone in E Town was riveted to the film and would not budge until it was over. Another great show!

Buena Vista, CO

Paddlefest is always a great show, and this year was another big success. Paddlefest is full of all kinds of paddlers, and they are a discerning group of viewers. Shred Ready set up their helmet art as a fund raiser for American Whitewater. You can learn more about this at It is a great cause and I highly encourage everyone to contribute. The house was packed standing room only and the crowd was quiet as a mouse focused on the story lines of the film. When it ended the crowd gave a roaring yell and applause. To get this response from such a knowledgeable crowd is truly a great feeling. We had a bunch of people come tell us how much they enjoyed the film and thanked us for our effort. These big festival shows are especially fun for us, and when they go this well it really feels great. The weekend of teaching clinics and helping everyone was super fun. On Sunday we got to bomb down Pine Creek and the Numbers with Jason Craig, Jonathan, Dane Jackson, Lauren Burress and others which was too fun. It is great to see how much fun these younger paddlers are having. This was a great weekend!



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Telluride Snow