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By Jesse Coombs

Hey Everyone,

We are in the midst of a great tour with the largest audiences we have ever seen. Here are the shows we did in Oregon.

Bend, OR

We showed Hotel Charley 3 at Alder Creek in Bend with Alder Creek. They held the show in the shop and had a great turnout like always. We often get some of the most intriguing questions at the Bend show, and this one was no different. Everyone wants to know about the places we are visiting and how we handle different aspects of the film. The show was great fun, and I never get tired of hearing people call out when they see something that puts them on the edge of their seat.

Portland, OR

We showed with Alder Creek at the Green Dragon Pub. The house was packed standing room only. We set up the screen and sound system on the stage and had a great show. The Portland show was packed with lots of our friends and they always give us a huge warm welcome. Every time we show our film in Portland it feels like I am watching it with my best friends in the living room, an awfully big living room.

Ashland, OR

Ashland is Ben’s backyard, and we have been rocking this show for years with Kokopelli River Sports and the Standing Stone Brewery. Every year this show just keeps getting better, and this year set a new high mark. The Stone was absolutely packed and the crowd cheered and jeered at all the ups and downs of the film. There was a great raffle and a ton of people came up afterward to ask us about the film, t-shirts and posters for sale. Ben and I must have signed 5 posters each. This show is always so warm and high energy; we highlight our Kokopelli and the Standing Stone show each year. Great fun!

Arcata, CA

Matt Porter and Kokatat (the best technical water gear company bar none) hosted this show, and we really looked forward to the opportunity to show in Arcata. The show was at Six Rivers Brewery, and people were so interested that they were making their way over from the restaurant to the film to check out all the excitement. We had a great turnout and raffle sponsored by Kokatat. We also were give a factory tour the next morning, and I was truly impressed. I have 9 years experience in corporate America, and have toured a lot of manufacturing facilities in my life. From the moment I stepped into the factory I could tell they run a tight and efficient ship. Kokatat is first rate in everything they do, and it shows time and time again.