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By Ben Guska

Well I leave for Reno tomorrow. I had some major obstacles in the way. NRS was kind enough to make sure I get there, and spotting me a plane ticket! Big thanks to Blake! My flight leaves tomorrow at 5:30. I will be arriving at about 10 at night, so this leaves me Thursday to try a ride together. I feel confident that I should be able to gain back my tricks, as when I went to Glenwood Springs awesome Play Park, I was still able to hit a few of my hard moves like I was doing them in my dreams all school year!

I have a final on Wednesday at 3, then straight to the airport right after. This year’s event is going to be as sick as ever. Word on the street is that Dane, and Jason are killing it! With more paddlers showing up every day, I’m super excited to meet up with everyone that I haven’t seen forever. Unfortunately my finals are the next week, so Bryan Kirk has offered to help me study my algebra since he is a Genius at math! I have one paper to write on the plane ride, and then email it to my teacher on Thursday when I wake up!

I have about 150 flash cards to make up as well, and glance at on my free time! This will probably one of my hardest events, as I have so many things to do off the water, as well as on! Anyways, time to pack everything! See you in Reno, I’m bringing the heat!

Ben Guska