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By Billy Harris

New Book Release brought to you by:

World Freestyle Kayaking Silver Medalist Billy Harris
"Life After Kayak School"
(the beginners guide to whitewater kayaking)

Kayak school is over. The teacher has gone paddling. You have some new skills, but what about the gear or information that you missed? The guide’s aim is to show any new paddler the path of lest resistance and give you the tools to make your whitewater future the best it can be. Helpful hits on gear choices, how to buy what to buy and where to go first. Great book for Kayak School owners who want to retain new paddlers after all the time they spend teaching them.

Excerpt from ‘Life After Kayak School’
My friends and I sat at the top of the local dam with a kayak that we had found in the local marsh about two days before. We had paddled it over motorboat waves and even found a small current of moving water to paddle our new boat in. The kayak was a recreational lake touring boat designed for the holiday cottage but we didn’t know that. We all sat at the top of a massive dam with water pounding over it when I said "Ok, I’ll run the dam first". It was springtime in northern Canada and when my friends got to me my gear was spread along the river over a 2 miles stretch. Lips blue, boat gone and an inch from being on the bottom of the proverbial food chain I decided that there must be a better way to learn than trial by stupidity. My friends howling with laughter confirmed it as well. Take some time to educate yourself and at a bare minimum read the next couple of paragraphs. It will save you the pain and stupidity I went through to learn about whitewater kayaking.

You can purchase the book online at the Jackson Kayak Store in the USA or contact Billy Harris in Canada to find out where to get a copy in Canada

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