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I got this email from Todd today…


I had to share this with you. I just got my kids Jackson Fun 1 kayaks in yesterday. My boys, (Jack 6 and Luke 5) couldn’t wait to hit the water so they were playing in the backyard rolling, spinning paddles and screaming at each other "I am the Junior Kayak Champ, no I am the Junior Kayak Champ". I think meeting Dane last weekend in Buena Vista made an impact on them.

We paddled together years ago on the Ocoee when your kids were very young and I wasn’t even thinking of having kids. You told us you were thinking of starting a kayak company building kids boats. I thought you were crazy. Now that I have kids I cant think of a greater thing than teaching my boys kayaking. Thanks for following your dream and designing your boats.

Hope to see you on the river soon.

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