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One thing you can say about the owners of CKS, Earl and Chad. They know how to organize a good time for paddlers! I had the pleasure of doing paddlefest in the past and it is a great combination of perfect water, weather, activities like clinics, video premiers, and is an awesome social setting for any paddler. Here is what Earl sent me about the event…
The buzz amongst Colorado paddlers is that 2008 will be a season to remember. It has been a long and cold winter here in the central Rockies. We have seen record snowfalls and cool springtime temperatures. Everyone is anxious to get on the water and enjoy the melting snow. Well the season is here.
Water flows on the Arkansas River are at a prime level for boaters of all abilities. Flows in the 500-1800 cfs(cubic feet per second) are conducive to both river runners and play boaters alike. The Buena Vista Play Park is great within these ranges and will make the perfect staging area for a myriad of on water clinics at Paddle Fest 2008. As the flows surge past 1800 cfs, it get’s even more fun for those with experience and still can be a “hoot” for the beginners that choose the right gear, the correct river section, and the right paddling crew.
There is so much to offer at Paddle fest 2008, that every paddler of any ability should find the class, clinic or gear they are looking for. The schedule of events will give you a quick over view of the diversity of the 3 day event. You will not be disappointed.
For those seeking some educational opportunities, try a play boating class taught by world champion Eric Jackson, or an all women’s paddling clinic. Have your child learn about paddling on a lake from Dane Jackson, or get stroke advice from Olympian Clay Wright. If you do not like the river, we even have classes for Recreational and Touring paddlers. All of these and tons more classes will be offered at Paddle Fest A few other highlights include Free Educational Seminars, the famous and gigantic Sale and Swap, and Free Demos for the 3 days.
This event is one of a kind for Colorado. There will be guests, athletes, and vendors from all over the US there for the 3 day event. Not matter what you age, ability or interest, there is something at Paddle Fest for you. We hope to see you there in Buena Vista.